What is the difference between laser, IPL and electrolysis?

Laser(diode and alexandrite)  and IPL require dark enough hair and light enough skin. Both the hairs and the roots need to be dark. A consisitent series of treatments is required to complete the task. One must not be tanned and must have been out of the sun or UV exposure for six weeks before treatment. If one has white, blond, or red hair, only electrolysis will permanently destroy the hair.

Laser, IPL and electyrolysis create a thermal reaction within the hair follicle to destroy the source of growth. Laser and IPL are licensed and insured  the same.  How the light is delivered is what is different. Laser is extremely hot and a very quick narrow light pulse. IPL is not as hot and released at a slower timing and a wider pulse. This makes the treatment much more comfortable and safe. They both reach the desired tissue temperature, just with a different formula.

Laser has a round spot size and IPL is square and larger spot size. Quite often clients come in who had previous treatments at a different business and think they had laser treatments. FYI, if it is a square spot size, it is IPL.
We find our IPL  treatments to be extremely effective and most comfortable without the need for topical anesthetics.

Laser and IPL is a very good choice for larger areas of hairgrowth such as the legs, arms, underarms, bikini, beards, etc.
The individual performing the laser must be under  supervision of a medical director or they must be a licensed electrologist with advanced training. Three days of training is required for a laser or IPL operator. Eleven hundred hours of training is required for electrology licensing and then advanced training for laser or IPL. The licensing requirements for IPL is a little different than for laser. A thorough consultation and medical history should be given before any treatments are rendered.

Electrolysis is universal. It works on everyone. Hairs are treated one at a time, allowing for pinpoint accuracy which is required especially for eyebrow shaping and beard grooming. In Massachusets, we have the highest requirements in the country for licensing. If one is not a candidate for laser or IPL, or if they are not satisfied with their results, electrolysis is the choice.
If you have red, white, or blond hair or if you have dark skin that cannot be treated with laser or IPL, electrolysis is the answer. It is the only way to safely and permanently treat eyebrows. 

For more information be sure to check our Laser IPL page and our Electrolysis page.  You even have the option to schedule and appointment or consultation on that page. 
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