by June Allen R.E., CPE
,Laser Electrologist

Awarded Best Electrolysis in 2007 through  2019 by Market Surveys of America

The Universal Choice

All hair colors and all skin colors

Only modality to permanently treat red, white or blonde hairs.
Safe and effective modality for darker skin color.

Effective August 2, 2019
These services provided by June Allen will be available at her home office in the Shirley/North Leominster area exclusively, located approximately 5 minutes from the rear entrance to Target in Leominster.

June will no longer be affiliated with Skinfluentials and these services will not be available at Skinfluentials.

Appointments available
Tuesday through Saturday.

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Permanent Hair Removal has been my passion decades.

Permanence is My Trademark

As a seasoned electrologist, I will help you to achieve permanent results as quickly as possible by providing effective, quality and comfortable treatments.

Utilizing cutting edge technology which is the best in the industry,  we bring amazing results.

Treatments provide much less sensation  and permanent results are achieved about 35-40% faster than previously. 

Fewer treatments are needed to get the desired results.

All treatments are prorated. If we schedule more time than you need, you only pay for the amount of time utilized.
Our treatments range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.

"Excellence of Treatments Assured"

June Allen,  Registered Electrologist        
CPE Certified Professional Electrologist  
Licensed Electrology Instructor
Certified Laser Tech and Certified IPL Tech
Member of American Electrology Association
Member of Massachusetts Association

The Electrologist:
June Allen R.E., CPE
Laser Electrologist

Rest assured, you will be receiving the most effective and quality treatments available to the industry.
Experience you can trust ~ Latest equipment technology

Electrology is for Everyone!

~ It is the universal method of hair removal that does not discriminate.

~ It is the only method of permanent hair removal available for red, blond or white hair.

~ It is the modality of choice for dark skinned individuals.

Only Electrology can permanently and safely shape eyebrows.

"Electrolysis.... a commitment you make to yourself for yourself"

It works almost anywhere on the body including; face,
nape neck, widows peak, legs, under-arms, breasts, abdomen, back, and bikini line.

It is the only method available to safely and permanently shape the eyebrows. It is effective on light or dark colored hair, as well as any skin tone.

It is the answer for women troubled with hirsuitism and hormonal issues like PCOS, Adrenals, etc.

It has over one hundred years of proven permanent hair removal history and remains the only licensed method of permanent hair removal.​​

Our latest magnification is enhanced with the use of surgical loupes and lighted magnification providing supreme visability and successful treatment of  even the finest  blond hairs.

                        FOUR THINGS  TO EXPECT WITH
                        A QUALITY TREATMENT:

                                         Permanent hair removal results depend on the skill, accuracy, and judgment of the electrologist.

~ In most instances, you should not feel the hair being pulled out during the treatment. The hair slides out easily if properly treated. With flash shortwave,  just one or two taps and the hair should release.

~ Following a consistent series of treatments, you should see a change in the texture of coarse hair within 3 to 4 months and also a good reduction in the amount of hairs. (You should start to  require less treatment time to complete the area being treated).

~ By six months, the frequency and length of time per treatment should be reduced.

~ Within a year, your appointments should be spaced much farther apart, possibly of a shorter duration  and you will be coming in for clean ups. 

Other considerations that have an effect on your permanent results include: hormonal imbalances, medications, and the client's compliance between scheduled appointments.​​

How does it work?

The Process

~ A sterile probe is gently inserted into the follicle, a natural opening  along side of the hair.  Because this is a natural opening of the skin, the insertion of the probe into the follicle is not felt by the client.

~ A measured amount of energy is then released via the probe into the follicle to destroy the source of growth.

With flash shortwave,  just one or two taps and the hair should release with no resistance. If it does not release in one or two taps, the settings will be adjusted to assure adequate energy is utilized.

~ What the client may actually feel is the application of the current. Everyone feels it differently. There are many options available to assure that your treatment is comfortable. These will be discussed during your consultation.

~ The hair should then gently slide out of the follicle as the electrologists grasps it with her tweezers.

Why it takes a series of treatments

A single hair grows for 10 to 12 weeks, falls out and then starts the cycle all over again. Because of the nature of the hair growth cycles, it can take up to 3 months before all the hairs come to the surface of the skin to be treated. Following your first treatment, there is still a collection of hair below the skin that has not been treated. This is referred to as the undergrowth.

When to come for your next treatment:
The best time to come in for your next treatment is when the hairs are first appearing at the surface of the skin. This is when the hair is in the active growing stage and we have complete access to the dermal papilla where the energy is most needed. 
Permanent results are best achieved by faithful participation in a planned program that has been tailored to your needs. This will all be discussed during your complementary consultation.

Standards of Sterilization and Sanitation
Our office adheres to the recommended national standards for sterilization procedures in electrology offices established by the American Electrology Association in conjunction with The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

                                             WE UTILIZE DISPOSABLE GOLD OR INSULATED PROBES ONLY 


What to do to prepare for your first treatment
Before electrology:

  • Stop tweezing and waxing the area for one week before treatment.
You may trim hair to be treated with cuticle scissors.
If it is an area you shave, do not shave for 3 days so the hairs will be
long enough grasp with our tweezers.

  • Stay out of the sun.
       It will make the treatment more comfortable.
       It is safe to treat tanned skin but no sun burns allowed.

  • Drink plenty of water.
       The water makes the electricity conduct better
       and the treatment more comfortable.

Before laser IPL:

  • Stop tweezing, waxing, or pulling out the hair in any way for
       one month before your treatment.
         This can be a  most difficult first step but is worth the hassle.
          You may trim or shave in  between treatments.

  • If it is an area you are shaving, do not shave for two to three days to allow a growth so the operator can see the true color and texture of the hair to be treated. It also makes it easier to see random hairs. Dark hair is the best target. The laser IPL does not see red white or blond hairs so electrology would be the best solution for those hairs.

  •  Positively NO TANNING.
        You must be out of the sun and tanning beds for a minimum of 6 - 8 weeks.
        Develop a habit of  consistently using an SPF30 or greater. 

  • No sunless tanning lotion for at least a couple weeks prior.
          Any fresh pigmentation on the skin will attract the IPL light and could result
         in a burn or blister. Be sure to exfoliate well.

  • When scheduling your treatment. If you are having your bikini area treated, schedule so you are not having your menses when you come in. 
  • If you are pregnant, we will not do laser IPL on you until after delivery.

  • If you have Herpes I or Herpes II, a prophylactic is required before treatment. The IPL will not give you herpes but if you have the virus in your skin, IPL can bring it out just like the sun does.