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Once you relax on our facial table,
you become our priority.

You will be the recipient of expert techniques, "results oriented" treatments provided with professional products containing  high concentrations of active ingredients,  and the healing power of touch.

The hands of our esthetician are trained to feel for imperfections and impactions in the skin. She will  check the  elasticity, hydration and muscle tone of your skin. Following the analysis, she will determine the most beneficial treatment.  The  esthetician may also suggest  other treatments or add-ons that your skin would most benefit from.

Massage may be provided  to  increasing the circulation and
assist with lymphatic drainage while also creating a state of relaxation.

The eyes of your esthetician will look for clogging, pigmentation issues, distended capillaries and occasionally early detection of  possible skin cancers.

When the facial is completed,
you will leave with glowing skin and
feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Experience You Can Trust ~ Latest Equipment Technology
ESTHETICIANS: KIM since 2000, BECKY since 2011, June Allen owner

The Skinfluentials Signature facial is a great way to introduce yourself to our services.

We will guide you in selecting the appropriate treatment.

Skinfluentials Signature Facial utilizing active professional Guinot products.SKINFLUENTIALS
(All Skin Types)

 Following an intensive skin analysis and cleansing, our estheticians will design your facial to suit your specific skin care needs.
Just like people, no two facials are the same.

Active Guinot products are utilized.