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Runway ~ Wedding Day Treatment

This state-of-the-art technology provides
Therapeutic-grade Oxygen under Hyperbaric pressure delivering age-defying actives to the deeper,  layers of the skin.

 Any skin would greatly benefit. However, more reactive skin would benefit from these oxygen treatments such as red and rosacea skins. The cooling oxygen reduces redness almost immediately, resulting in calm and soothed skin.

 Unmatched hydration   ~   Instant volume 
Long term results.

Your skin will emerge:
~ smoother
              ~ reduced fine lines,
       ~ better volume
                ~ increased firmness.

Intraceutical's Oxygen under Hyperbaric pressure delivers age-defying actives

~ The Hydra Serum is composed of a multi-moisturizing compound to moisturize deep within the skin cells. It binds water to the heart of the cellular structure.

~ The Lifting Serum restores vitality to the face by smoothing facial features and firming the skin. High concentrations of amino acids, phyto-hormones and trace elements along with Vitamin C offers an extremely effective treatment.
 We use a  specifically calibrated device to infuse the serums. 
 An osmotic response is thus stimulated, ensuring the results will continue to improve following treatment.


     NEW PACKAGES       
Oxygen Infusion w/Micro 160
Oxygen Infusion w/Facial 155
Oxygen Infusion w/Peel 130

For longer lasting results, consecutive series of 6 sessions is recommended.
No extractions or massage with oxygen infusions.

Provides breathtaking wedding day-ready skin.

What our clients are saying...
About Ageless Oxygen Infusion

Dear June,  Several months ago, I purchased a series of Oxygen treatments, and since then, I have continued my monthly maintenance.   Kim would ask me if I noticed a difference in the texture or plumpness of my skin.  I told her that the one benefit I could see was in using less skin care product because my skin seemed to need less.  That alone I felt was a big bonus!  As far as texture and plumpness, I guess because I see myself everyday, I truly could not answer the question. About two weeks ago however, I attended a conference and met with colleagues who had not seen me for some matter of months.  A few of them came up to me during one of the meetings and asked what I was doing, or had done, to take years off my face.  They were amazed how much younger I looked!  Seeing I changed nothing else, including my skin care products, I can only conclude that the Oxygen treatments must be the answer.      I first want to thank you June, for being on the cutting edge of bringing non invasive treatments into your salon, and then having trained estheticians to administer the product.  I will continue my Oxygen maintenance and I look forward to other non invasive breakthroughs in the future.    As a baby boomer, and one who plans to work for many years, I try to look my best, and when I can get some help without surgery, it is quite satisfying.   A very greatful client     August 2012